Best Canary Foods

There are different animals for every animal lover. Some consider dogs to be their best buddies. Others prefer the constant purring of cats. Many prefer watching over bigger animals like horses. Still others consider the more fragile and cage-friendly companions like birds. And for those who would rather have canaries to be inside their homes or where they deem fit to keep them, will need to think about the best canary foods to offer to their feathered friends to ensure that they can keep them happy and at their best for as long as they remain under their care.

Caring for Canaries

Canary Foods

These birds just love to hear the sounds they make. If you have observed them, canaries are constantly carrying tunes that actually welcome more fascinated observers and bird lovers. These feathered music box can keep you inspired throughout the day, but they won’t be singing any note whenever they don’t feel like it, especially when they are not feeling well or are stressed because there are things within their space that have not been properly managed.

It is important to note that bringing in pets, like these canaries, to your home, demands your time, energy, even your money, to ensure that they will constantly feel comfortable and be able to behave as they should. They will be dependent on you for food, companionship, as well as proper handling. Their primary needs may be obvious just like what you may need to sustain life, but it also requires a greater understanding of their demands so that you can provide properly what they really need to remain well and stay comfortable while under your care.

Best Canary Foods

Just like many other bird species, canaries live on seeds, pellets, fruits, as well as vegetables. Though seeds remain to be the mainstay of their diet, you can also offer them other food options as mentioned.

There are many variations and mixes of seeds and pellets available in the market. It is best to go with those bird feeds that offer the most nutrition for your feathered friends. Finely cut fresh fruits will also be good addition to these birds daily diet. As for greens and other veggies, these food items can be served once every week, however.

As there are a wide variety of foods that you can offer to canaries, there are also food items that you should not offer to them as well. These include avocados, onion, garlic, or fruit seeds of apples and fruit pits.

As always, providing the best canary foods for your feathered friend is not the only thing that matters when it comes to proper bird care. Keeping everything in check, including the bird’s overall health is similarly essential to ensure that your bird will be totally comfortable and happy as it could be.

All About Canaries

First of all, it is important to note that not all of these birds can sing. If you prefer canaries that can produce the characteristic long shrills and melodic sounds that only canaries can produce, you need to pick male canaries. It is also important that you find ones that are raised by reputable breeders and those that are considered to be good health condition. Do not buy one if the store that you intend to purchase the bird from cannot even point out where exactly the bird species came from. It is essential that you pick healthy birds at the start since canaries can be extremely delicate.

Considering that, you need to provide these birds with a housing that will keep them feel comfortable all the time. Too hot or too cold living spaces will definitely affect the overall health of your feathered buddies, so you need to make sure to have them place in the most appropriate section of your house as well.

There may not be much that canaries may need from a living space or cage, but the temperature within the cage should be maintained to ensure that your birds will be most comfortable. Note that these birds cannot stand drafts, but they do enjoy indirect sunlight. They will be delighted to experience the day where they can be singing with the right amount of natural light flooding the inner portion of their cage.

To ensure that your canaries will be at their best every time, provide the right food for them. Water should also be available all the time since they could easily exhaust their energy with all the singing and hopping that they would be doing any time they are awake.